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The Micro Bass II is incredibly versatile for example as an active DI box, as one or two channel preamp, instrument switcher or mixer.
With its two channels the Micro Bass II covers all sound variations. It is equipped with the award winning tube simulation circuitry that was previously reserved for the more expensive EBS Bass Heads.
A variable effect loop provides the musician with additional flexibility for the connection of another pedal or for mixing an external audio source for example a CD player for practice purposes.
The balanced studio output with speaker simulation provides versatile flexibility. Live or in the studio. Use the two foot switches to switch A/B channels and the mute switch to mute one of them.
Other important features of the little gadget are a headphone output, battery status indicator, link and master outputs, bass, tunable mid, treble, bright and edge filter, drive and effects mix control.

Controller/functions: Volume Drive Edge EQ Gain & FxMix
Adjustable effects loop
Balanced studio output with speaker simulation
Two foot switches
Power supply with 9V battery (Article Nr 132579) or AC adapter
Colour: Black

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